August 17, 2017


Maestro Bar-Ber Shop

Our barber shop, located in a beautiful restored factory space, offers clients a refined atmosphere of friendly people and service where they can receive a quality haircut and enjoy a shave at a fantastic price.

Haircuts for you

The Maestro Bar-Ber Shop isn't like any ordinary barbershop. Not only do we make sure our clients are taken care of with great customer service we also provide Sports, Beer, and a nice warm cup of relaxation. No matter how you get here we will make sure you are treated with excellence and leave feeling like royalty.


"A Master"

I have been visiting Maestro since 2006 and have never received poor service. He is a consummate professional and truly a master at his craft. Now that he has shown his desire to pass his knowledge onto the next generation of barber students, they can become as knowledgeable as he is.


I've been going to Maestro Barber Shop since 2008, Always a pleasant experience. Last week was my first time getting a haircut as a Barber University, Must say it was fun, Maestro superviced his student while I got my haircut. They did an awesome job! I have a really tuff to cut style and hair.


An American success story right here in our own backyard. Maestro symbolizes the American spirit of hard work and dedication. He started with nothing and built the American Dream!