Tuition financing

At Maestro Barber University, we earnestly desire for each of our graduates to find success in their new barbering career. While we strive to offer tuition rates that are reasonable and affordable, we know that sometimes a little help is needed. To lend a hand, Maestro Barber university offers payment options to students who qualify for financial aid.

A simple plan to lend a helping hand

Terms for payment options at Maestro Barber University are simple and fair. We hope to aid students in managing the costs of training in order to help them embark on a successful new career.


  • Minimum down payment: $2,085.00
  • Hourly rate: $8.45
    Remaining balance ($12,914) divided by total training hours (1,528 hours)
  • Monthly payment: At the end of each month, student's total attendance hours are calculated at the hourly rate ($8.45) to determine monthly payment due.
  • Monthly payment due by: 5th of each month
  • Failure to pay will result in termination of training
  • $19,393
  • $850
    Registration fee
  • $1,200
    Student kit (see below for details)
  • $35
    Student ID
  • $21,478
  • -$6,479
    Limited time savings
  • $14,999
    Total tuition (supplies included)

The numbers above are subject to change, so please call for further details.

How do I qualify?

Maestro Barber University strives to extend options to all students in need. Follow the link below to contact us for a free consultation.